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 Photo:  Gonzale

Photo: Gonzale

In the 50's, when J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy were leading up the Red Scare, they categorized the enemies of the state in a few different ways. There were Soviet agents, card-carrying communists, and there were "dupes." But there was a special designation for those who were not loyal to the Soviets or even necessarily communism, but were sympathetic with left-wing ideas like social justice, universal human rights, and peace. These people were called "fellow travelers."

The list of people over American history who could be considered fellow travelers is an illustrious one. It includes Kurt Vonnegut, Martin Luther King, Jr., James Baldwin, Charlie Chaplin, Pete Seeger, George Orwell, Malcolm X, Albert Einstein, Upton Sinclair, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, W.E.B. DuBois, John Steinbeck, Woody Guthrie, Dorothy Parker, Albert Camus, Gloria Steinem, and Allen Ginsberg.

Many of these people were not born into leftism, but went out into the world, confronted it, and found that they needed to rethink what they'd long been taught. 

Fellow Travelers is about politics, travel, and global citizenship in a time when goodwill towards all humans has fallen out of vogue. There are a few columns:

  • Enough to be Dangerous -- A guerrilla guide to American politics, with a focus on practical solutions that anyone can take part in. Occasionally, friend and activist Jesse Steele will contribute to this section.
  • Ethical Travel -- How do you travel without ruining the places you're traveling to? It's actually harder than it sounds. This column focuses on how to see the world without contributing to its destruction.
  • Fellow Travelers -- Stories of people who were changed by travel, and then changed the world.
  • Global Citizenship -- How to be a decent human being in a time when everything is connected.
  • #StayWokeReading List -- Books for people who are trying to get woke and stay woke.


About Matt Hershberger

I'm a writer, blogger, and humorist based out of Red Bank, New Jersey. My main interest is how to live well in the 21st century, but that sends me in all directions -- I write about travel, politics, culture, and occasionally, I make jokes.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and went to undergrad at Penn State University, where I got my BA in Journalism. I've lived in Beijing (where I wrote for an English-language, Chinese government-run newspaper, which I was very bad at), Argentina (where I drank lots of wine but never learned to tango), and London (where I got a Masters in Human Rights from the London School of Economics).

Fellow Travelers is the latest iteration of a personal travel blog that I've been running for over a decade. Sometimes other people will write here. Mostly, though, it'll just be me.